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xglamourcorex's Journal

5th July, 2006. 1:30 pm.(themodernrage)

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2nd November, 2004. 5:08 pm. shut me 0ff and fix...whats wrong with me(exitlife)

so sorry i havent been active in a while. i've been busy,please dont kick me! i got new pics of me.here

new pics of meCollapse )

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8th July, 2004. 1:10 pm.(mypinktshirt)

check this shit out : _eatmeup


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26th June, 2004. 12:45 pm.(mypinktshirt)

_dical2themax -- check that shit out.

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18th April, 2004. 8:28 pm.(beautiful_you)

Hello everyone. So I'm the new mod. I put up some new rules, read them.

Have fun.......((more)).

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16th April, 2004. 12:58 am.(gl0ssyxwh0re_)

I'm falling down But I should find my strength in this A light that burns to reconnect My heart for it's meant to giveCollapse )

Current mood: cheerful.

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9th April, 2004. 7:56 pm. Application(sheknewhowtocry)

I'll Hand Myself Over For YouCollapse )

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5th April, 2004. 9:31 pm.(mypinktshirt)


it's neat -- and this is an invite

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5th April, 2004. 3:00 am.(ggghhh1)

you're invited

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30th March, 2004. 11:49 pm.(imcooldanny)

Later glamour.

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